Some residents angry over alleged prostitution problem on Cusseta Rd.

Some residents angry over alleged prostitution problem on Cusseta Rd.
Published: Jul. 11, 2018 at 8:15 PM EDT|Updated: Jul. 12, 2018 at 11:50 AM EDT
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Some Columbus residents are speaking out, angry over an alleged prostitution problem they say is on Cusseta Road.

This area home to a number of prosecution stings and constant police patrol.

"It's 24/7 - at any time, it doesn't matter when it is," said a neighbor living in Cusseta Road area.

While this particular neighbor did not want his identity revealed because of safety concerns, he says women can be seen loitering around the streets all hours of the day and night.

He says even with an increased police presence, the problem only seems to be getting worse.

"This neighborhood. Seems like once they closed the trailer park down, everything came to this part of Cusseta Road," said the neighbor.

It's not just on Cusseta Road. Across the city, arrests made almost daily in prostitution-related offenses.

Just last week, a sting landed five people in jail along East Lindsey Drive, all charged with prostitution, and pimping.

The youngest, just 17-years old.

Officers within the Special Operations Bureau of the Columbus Police Department, say there are regular prostitution busts in various areas, including Cusseta Road, and they make a number of arrests monthly.

"That's the way it goes. And it's not stopping," said another neighbor in Cusseta Road.

While this neighbor is not optimistic about any change being done, officers within the Columbus Police Department say they are continuing to patrol the areas and working at getting to the root of the problem.

CPD is also using the resource to address the various gang, drug, and gun violence in the Cusseta Road area.

The five arrested for prostitution along East Lindsey Drive are set to first appear before a judge Thursday morning at 9 a.m.

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