Russell County girl qualifies for national Pitch, Hit and Run

Mariah Harrison Pitch Hit and Run

(WTVM) - Baseball season is over for now for Mariah Harrison, but practice continues. A 10-year-old from Fort Mitchell, Alabama, Mariah is going national. She's one of only three finalists in the country for the MLB's Pitch, Hit and Run competition.

"It's really awesome because half a million kids try out and I get to go not once, but twice," she said.

That's right, this is her second time making it to the national finals. Mariah finished runner-up in San Diego in 2016.

"That was amazing because the real prize is making it to the national finals," she said.
This time Mariah's got eyes on the number one spot. She's been working every day on each facet of the competition

"She's twice as hard on herself for not giving 100% as we could ever be," her dad Kris Amos said. "So if she sees an area where she's weak, she's going to work on that one the most."

It's a competition of a combined score based on how well they perform each task. Mariah's dad Kris Amos and coach Michael Cox both believe her skills could be difference-maker.

"She's one of the best athletes a girl her age in the country, bar none<" Amos said. "This is not the first time she's been noticed for her accomplishments and it won't be the last, I can promise you that."

"She's making some records for sure and I think she's going to surprise everybody," Cox said.

Mariah will take the field Monday at Nationals Park in D.C. Sure there may be some nerves, but her dad wants her to focus on what they've worked on throughout this process.

"She tells me she always gets butterflies, but I always try to tell her it's all your backyard.." he said.

So win or lose, it's just another day on the diamond, a place Mariah loves to be.

Out of nearly 600,000 who tried out nationwide, Mariah's one of the only 24 kids in eight different age groups to make it this far.