Alabama voters head to the polls for runoff elections

Alabama voters head to the polls for runoff elections

(WTVM) - People are headed to the polls in Alabama for the runoff elections since several June 5 primary elections were left undetermined.

"If you get an opportunity to vote, please vote because other than that your voice will never be heard," said voter Renee Thompson.

Debbie Wood and Todd Rauch are the Republican nominees for the District 38 seat in the Alabama House.

Wood finished first in the primary with 47 percent of the vote, but Rauch got 41 percent.

In District 13, Republicans Randy Price and Mike Sparks square off again for senator.

47 percent of voters selected Price in the primary, with 37 percent opting instead for Sparks.

Back in the house, Democrats are trying to decide the District 83 seat with Jeremy Gray and Patsy Jones back on the ballot.

They finished within 500 votes of each other June 5.

Alabama voters who expressed how important it is for people to come out and vote.

"If you don't vote you don't count. I hear so many people arguing about things they want and different change they want to see but if you want to see change, you got to be a part of the change by voting," said voter Renee Thompson.

"We just hope you come on out and vote for whoever is your choice," said another voter Dorthy Alexander.

You have until 7 p.m. CT to cast your ballots.

For election results after the polls close, click here. 

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