School supply shopping kicks into high gear as school year approaches

School supply shopping kicks into high gear as school year approaches

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - We are just three weeks away from school starting back in Muscogee County, which means now is as good a time as any for parents to seek out the best deals on school supplies.

According to the National Retail Federation, parents will spend a total of 83 billion dollars nation-wide on school supplies for grades K-12 and college combined.

With that being said, retailers are looking for parents to cash in over the next few weeks. This means you will need to find new ways to become a little more creative about saving money.

First, take stock of what you already have. Look around the house to see what can be reused for this year.

Check out ads in your local newspaper; many stores, like Target, Walmart, and the Dollar Store, are putting out a ton of coupons right now.

Get cashback online, if you choose to shop online for school supplies. Sign up for to earn money back on your purchases.

Lastly, just get creative. Instead of buying notebooks for every subject, maybe combine two subjects into one.

"If it's larger quantity items, I do like to buy in bulk, maybe at Sam's or even order online at Amazon and I do have an Amazon Prime account," says parent Camille Reed.

Another parent said, "We would always save what we could from the previous year because if we couldn't use it, somebody else could. Then, of course, you get the list from the school to go by and it's always a good idea to start early because everybody else would be out there getting everything too."

Parents do not need to panic, there are still about three weeks to get all your shopping done.

The new school year begins August 8th in Muscogee County.

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