Eufaula Avenue school zone coming down

VIDEO: Eufaula: Highway 431 school zone coming down
Updated: Jul. 30, 2018 at 6:40 PM EDT
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EUFAULA, AL (WTVM) - Teachers, parents, and students are preparing to go back to school.

In Eufaula, drivers are going to see a major change in one route to class.

For quite some time there was a school zone that would get the attention of drivers on Highway 431 during the school year, but the Alabama Department of Transportation is making a change for this busy roadway.

"There's no school on 431 so that kind of conflicted where they put the school zone signage," says Eufaula Police Sgt. Donald Brown.

Typically, during the school year when teachers, parents, and students are on their way to school and used highway 431 there was a flashing light and school zone signs marking a large portion of the roadway.

Alabama Department of Transportation is taking the signs down because there isn't a school sitting directly on 431.

Now the sign and light that marked the school zone are gone, but that doesn't necessarily mean things are going to change.

"The speed limit is going to be 40 MPH from Lake Drive South down past the second bridge," says Sgt. Brown.

Beginning this school year, traffic school zones will only exist on the city streets immediately surrounding the respective schools.

Police say patrolling the area for speeders especially during school hours will continue to be a top priority.

Barbara Thornton lives in Eufaula and has relatives who go to Eufaula City Schools. Thornton says she's afraid things might get faster now the lights for the school zone are gone.

"it's closer to the school so I think we should keep the caution lights," says Thornton. "Traffic is going to be speeding… traffic is going to speed up and be more faster."

School starts back on August 9 in Eufaula.

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