Women claim Columbus contractor owes them thousands of dollars

VIDEO: Women claim Columbus contractor owes them thousands of dollars
Updated: Jul. 30, 2018 at 5:53 PM EDT
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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Over the past few months, News Leader 9 has received countless reports of services from Residential Roofing and Construction in Columbus offered by Branden Jackson.

His clients both here in the Valley, and in Atlanta say they have been swindled out of thousands of dollars.

Two women speaking with News Leader 9 say they reached out for contract work and real estate work, but claim he's got their money, and they haven't heard back from him.

"He did some work improperly, the patio collapsed entirely, and once it collapsed, he never came back to repair it," said Cynthia Williams.

After seeing Residential Roofing and Construction assist a neighbor, Cynthia Williams says she paid Branden Jackson than $4,000 to renovate and repair her Midland area home porch and roof.

But Williams says, not only did Jackson take her money and fail to finish the work, he left her house in shambles.

" $5,000  and he never came back to finish it, never came back to clean the work up broken glass, trash, mildew, mold, and never came back," said Williams.

She's now left with paperwork, contracts, and signatures she says she believes was all fake.

Tiyesha Taylor shares a similar story, over a hundred miles away in Atlanta.  She says the was under the impression Jackson was a realtor, with properties going for unbelievable prices.

Taylor, also referred by a friend, says she was shortly out of $2,000.

"At first I'm not going to lie, I felt very stupid, how did I allow this to happen to me," said Taylor.

News Leader 9 spoke with Branden Jackson about these two complaints back in April, he denies any wrong-doing.  He tells News Leader 9 these cases and others are all just misunderstandings.

He says he's working to return money to clients and told us his work ethic speaks for itself. He also says he keeps his tracks covered with whoever he does business with.

However, months later, Williams and Taylor say they are still waiting for some type of compensation.

"I would love to get my $2,000 back, but if it was a stop and end to this and he is no longer allowed to do this to anyone else, I would be good with that," said Taylor.

Williams, currently with a pending civil case, says this is learning lesson to always do thorough research, no matter how credible you believe a company is.
"He didn't do anything properly, nothing," said Williams.

We did try to reach out to Mr. Jackson again, but the phone number does not appear to be in service. The same for his Facebook page, which we used to communicate in April.

There is a pending criminal complaint, "theft by deception" in Muscogee County.

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