Teens speak out at the Fountain City Teen Poetry Slam

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - On Saturday, the Fountain City Teen Poetry Slam, with assistance from The We Shall Overcome Fund, staged My Voice Is Necessary: The Fountain City Teen Speak Out.

They believed in the current hair-raising political climate, rampant police brutality, racism, sexism, LGBTQ+ discrimination, wage inequalities, and environmental injustices, it is important that the youth do not feel powerless.

20 youth poets gave their perspectives on a variety of issues through the gaze of poetry and performance art.

Sean Myers, a participant in the event says, This gives us the creative outlet. I think it's important for us particularly because we do need to get more involved in politics. We have our own voice, it's different from the voice of our parents and any other older generations in particular."

The Fountain City Teen Poetry was a chance to offer the community a thought-provoking presentation of young artists.

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