Mother of Cataula woman pushed, killed reacts to defendant's sentencing

Mother of Cataula woman pushed, killed reacts to defendant's sentencing

Wesley Barber, 30,  is accused of killing 24-year-old Shanita Rutherford after pushing her off of a porch at a friend's home.

The victim's mother, Melissa Lowe says the road to justice wasn't easy.

“Just even to get to this point and see him face some kind of sentencing was good enough for me, because it will never bring her back," said Lowe following the sentencing hearing.
According to court testimony, Rutherford was thrown off a patio by Wesley Barber, after calling him a “water weight.”

Complications from the fall would leave her paralyzed from the shoulders down. Seven months later, she would die from severe bleeding to the brain.

She was a giving person, she was so full of life, just waiting to see what the future held for her, until this happened. She suffered so much. Struggling and fighting, just to live every day," said Lowe.

Lowe says the same determination and fight continuing in the courtroom by her loved ones.
Superior Court Judge Gil McBride sentencing Barber to 20 years, with14 to serve.
Barber also ordered to pay $15,000 dollars in restitution to the family.

"I'm just happy for Ms. Lowe we could bring some sort of justice to her ordeal," said Lead prosecuting attorney, Al Whitaker.

Before being escorted out the courtroom, Barber expressing sympathy and apologizing to Rutherford's family.

Lowe says she is ready to close this tragic chapter in her life and begin to work on forgiveness.
“I guess it’s just time to move on, it’s hard to forgive, they are asking for forgiveness but I’m not at that point yet, my daughter meant everything to us, our family," said Lowe.

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