Auburn and LaGrange Malls partner with local schools for community reading initiative

Auburn and LaGrange Malls partner with local schools for community reading initiative

AUBURN, AL (WTVM) - Both LaGrange and Auburn Mall announced today the start of their READS program, a program designed to publicly promote reading through special events held at the Auburn Mall that inspire students, make reading fun and give back to local school libraries.

READS features two events for partnering elementary schools. The first is a READS Spirit Night that encourages reading and supports local libraries.

The event features interactive games for students who can use their reading skills to win prizes. For every student that attends, the program donates $1 for the school's library.

The second event is a READS Recognition Night that celebrates the reading achievements of students at the end of the school year. The event features presentation of certificates by local leaders and a wall of recognition displaying the names of student readers.

The marketing director for Hull Property Group, Coles Doyle says, "This is a great annual event that brings people together in the Mall in support of local reading success. Our goal is to use the mall common area for events that inspire shoppers, families and the community and we are excited to work with local elementary schools to host events that motivate students to read,"

He says, "The READS events are special family outings that publicly encourage and recognize students. They are uplifting, fun and aim to inspire and motivate local students in a unique way outside of the classroom and the home."

The READS is supported by both the Auburn Mall and LaGrange Mall at no cost to participating schools or families. Elementary schools looking to join Auburn READS can visit to sign up.

The program is also seeking partnerships from local businesses to help grow this community reading initiative. Business interested in supporting the program should email

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