UPDATE: Mixed reactions underway ahead of 'Drag Queen Story Hour' coming to Columbus

Mixed reactions underway ahead of 'Drag Queen Story Hour' coming to Columbus

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A new spin to story time is coming to a Columbus library.

Organizers of Colgay Pride are introducing Drag Queen Story Hour this Saturday.

The event is getting mixed reviews from local parents.

"I think it's really cool. I think it gives kids the opportunity to see things they may not see on a daily basis, but they could see out in the street, and it may help answer questions on it," said Emily Good.

While many people are in support of the idea, other parents are not.

"It almost encourages kids, in general, to be what's not accepted, entirely," said another parent.

According to the Drag Queen Story Hour website, the organization began in San Francisco, California three years ago, and is a success in other states around the country.

Director of Colgay Pride, Jeremy Hobbs says the basis of the event is to spread love and understanding.

"This has nothing to do with trying to impose anything upon people. We are there to entertain kids and teach them Joe is not the same as Bob, and Sue is not the same as Jane, but to treat each of them the same," said Hobbs.

Hobbs says he is hoping for a good turnout, also asking people and parents to keep an open mind.

"Educating a community is always a great thing. Bringing people together to have a little bit more love in our heart is always a great thing," said Hobbs.

The event is scheduled for Saturday, Aug. 18 at noon at the Mildred Terry Library.

UPDATE: Tiffany Wilson, with Chattahoochee Valley Libraries wrote to WTVM via email: "The event you are referring to is not a library-sponsored program, but an event produced by an outside group which is taking place at the library.  In the past year, more than 2300 events by members of the community were booked in our meeting rooms at all of our locations by a variety of people and organizations.  As our meeting rooms are a public space and a public forum, our rooms are available on equal terms for any group or individuals regardless of beliefs, race or affiliations.  The group coordinating the upcoming story hour has followed the appropriate process."

The special guest Monica Starr, will be reading the book 'A Tale of Two Beasts' by Fiona Robertson.

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