North Columbus construction started in 2014 set to be completed this month

VIDEO: North Columbus construction started in 2014 set to be completed this month

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A construction project in north Columbus has drivers questioning why it is taking so long to complete.

Several drivers and even area high school students have been complaining about the timeline of this project and the number of traffic jams it is causing.

"It's just a big inconvenience for the people that live in this area," said driver Raymond Lynch.

Folks in the area say the project has constantly faced delays. According to the executive vice president of the construction company, McMath, the project started in 2014.

Drivers are expressing their frustration and how it interrupts their daily commute that leaves them to take a different route home, to school and work.

"Every time I come to this corner I get so irritated and frustrated and I can't imagine how people who live here put up with it," said driver Maryland Shipp.

"I just find it unacceptable, I mean just ridiculous. I mean it puts a hardship on the students, the parents, people that's going to work," said Lynch.

"It's worse during the school times because you have the Northside, Veterans Memorial. All of them are right there just north of here and all that construction going through there. I think its worst when school lets out. I don't understand how buses can be at their destination on time," says Renee Griffin, another concerned driver.

High school students who do not ride the bus and are able to drive to school say they have to take precaution not to be tardy.

"A five-minute ride from my house turns into a 30-minute ride, so I usually have to leave around 7:30ish to get to school by 8:10," says Northside High School senior Traci Griffin.

McMath Construction's vice president, Luther Wilson, agrees it has been a lengthy project where they have taken a portion of Veterans Pkwy. from two lanes into a five-lane highway.

There's also another project at the intersection of Moon Rd., Williams Rd. and Veterans Pkwy.

"It was basically in the phase construction got out of kilter, the first of it by trying to get a wall and trying to get a culver in," says Wilson. "That was necessary to be done in the first phases of it. we had to leave that phase and go to phase two and three. now we have completed phase one now, we can open the traffic up."

The construction company says these lanes are set to open on veterans parkway and on moon and Williams road intersection three Fridays from today, the Aug. 31.

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