6-year-old left with a fractured skull after hit and run in Columbus

6-year-old left with a fractured skull after hit and run in Columbus

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A six-year-old is in the hospital after a hit and run in Columbus in front of the Elizabeth Canty Apartments.

The mother says it happened in a flash, leaving her with so many questions for whoever was behind the wheel.

Dominique Hewell says her six-year-old son Jordan Hewell was walking to the store across the street from his home on Cussetta road when he was hit by a burgundy Ford Taurus.

Hewell says, "It's a sad thing to see. It's very hurting. I cry every time I look at him. He don't deserve to go through nothing like this. How can you just run a child over and keep on going?"

She tells the sad story of what happened to him that night.

"They said when he hit my baby, he reversed and he ran him over again and that's how he broke his leg," says Hewell.

She says he also has a fractured skull and injuries to his arms.

"I ran on the scene and they gave me my baby in my arms. And they gave the police the tag number of the man and the description of the car. The description of him. And my neighbor sent me a picture and gave me a name."

Jordan is the second oldest of four of Dominique's children. She says he was taken to Piedmont Columbus Regional before being transported to a hospital in Augusta, Georgia.

She says she's hoping for legal action to be taken against whoever is responsible.

"I want him prosecuted. He told someone that lives by us that he pulled off because he didn't have a driver's license and he wanted to talk to somebody. I don't want to talk to anybody. I want him prosecuted and her too," says Dominique.

The second person she's referencing is an alleged passenger who was in the car when it happened.

Columbus police say they have the suspect's description and the vehicle's license plate and description.

They say the investigation is underway and anyone with information is asked to call police as soon as possible.

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