Columbus family hopes to spark new interest in missing woman case

Columbus family hopes to spark new interest in missing woman case

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A new digital billboard on Warm Springs Road is drawing attention to a Columbus woman who has been missing for five months.

Erin Hill Collier has been missing since March, and the billboard is highlighting a $5,000 cash reward for any information.

The family of Collier says they are not giving up hope.

"We're still looking every single day, looking for answers. Any clues that will lead us back to her," said Sarah King, Erin Collier's sister.

King and her mother have been leading search efforts to look for her sister, Collier, last seen in the area of 4th Avenue.

The family hopes the billboard will encourage someone to speak up with answers about what may have happened to Collier.

"It's hard thinking every time a body that comes up, is this us, is this it, it's not right, it's not something a family should be going through, you see it on the news, but never think it's going to be you, and your family looking for a loved one," said King.

King and her family also worked alongside the family of another missing Columbus woman, Ebony Giddens.

"Trying our best to keep our families uplifted, both of our families are hurting right now," said King.

Giddens, the 27-year old mother of three vanishing from her South Columbus home, with little to no leads to pointing at what could have happened.

But despite the passing time, both families say they are determined to find out what happened their loved ones.

"God knows. So, we'll figure it out in the end, it might not be our time, but when it's time to shine his light on it, he will," said King.

Investigators say they are following a few leads and a possible suspect in the Erin Collier case.

Columbus police are urging people to come forward with information on either case.

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