Your Voice, Your Vote: Auburn elections recap

Updated: Aug. 29, 2018 at 5:34 PM EDT
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(WTVM) - Ron Anders Jr. and David Hill are heading into a runoff October 9---vying for the title of Auburn's next mayor.

Anders received 43 percent of the votes and Hill received  29 percent.

"There's nothing more exciting to talk about than Auburn," says Anders.

Anders with the greater votes of the pair, says although challenges are present leading up to the runoff, his vision for Auburn is clear.

"Auburn's future is very bright and we will continue to send our message of great public safety and schools with strong economic development, that will bring Auburn the future that it so well deserves," says Anders.

Hill says his focus is on the voter's voices being heard.

"We need to have more listening time for voters to have an opportunity to really feel they are being heard, not just pretending to listen. And so once those things happen, I think then we can move onto more specific issues," says Hill. "I think now that we've had a chance to pair this down to two candidates, it makes it clear the paths that are ahead."

The election also focuses on dozens of candidates contending for seats on Auburn City Council and a majority of the wards are heading into a runoff.

See results below:

Ward 2: Kelley Griswold 38% | Todd Scholl 23%

Ward 4: Brett Smith  49% | Jim Ryan 34%

Ward 5: Steven Dixon 37% | Walter Northcutt  35%.

Ward 6: Sarah Brown receiving 43% | Bob Parson at 36%.

Winners in several wards were also declared.

Ward 1: Winner Connie Fitch Taylor 69% of votes

Ward 7: Winner Jay Hovey 54% of votes

Ward 8: Winner, incumbent Tommy Dawson 52% votes

It is important to note although 100 percent of precincts are reporting, results will be made official on Sept. 4. You can vote in these runoffs on October 9.

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