Mom charged with murder searched 'suffocating and smothering' hour before calling 911, police say

Mom charged with murder searched 'suffocating and smothering' hour before calling 911, police say
Stephany Lafountain is being held on a $2 million bail.

(RNN) – Stephany Lafountain, according to police, called 911 in Fairbanks, AK, last November and told the dispatcher her daughter wasn't breathing.

Then she called her husband's family, who came and performed CPR. An ambulance arrived and rushed the child to a hospital. After that, she was flown to a larger facility in Anchorage.

Despite the efforts, the one-year-old girl died four days later. The tragedy struck the 23-year-old and her husband, a soldier deployed for active duty, two years after their four-month-old also died.

But authorities now allege that the two tragic deaths weren't accidents. They found that an hour prior to Lafountain's 911 call last year, she made a number of damning internet searches.

Among them:

  • Ways to suffocate
  • Best ways to suffocate
  • Ways to kill human with no proof
  • Can drowning show in an autopsy report
  • 16 steps to kill someone and not get caught
  • How to: Commit the Perfect Murder
  • Drowning and Forensics
  • Suffocating and Smothering

They charged her last week with the murders of both her children. Both died from lack of oxygen or with symptoms "consistent with a suffocation death."

The Fairbanks Police Chief, Eric Jewkes, called it an "unimaginable tragedy" at a press conference last week.

"We have two infants, two babies, that were killed by their mother," he said. "How do we even imagine that? How do we as a justice system, how do we make this right? And unfortunately there's just nothing we can do to make this right."

Jewkes said as the pieces of the case came together, the family trusted they would find answers.

"They shouldered the grieving process alone, and we're going to bring this out to light, and hopefully provide some kind of closure for them," he said.

According to the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner newspaper, Lafountain – now going by her maiden name Bilecki – was given a bail of $2 million last week and will appear again in court on Wednesday.

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