Singer Bobby Brown's arrest for 'lewd law' violation in Columbus highlighted in new movie

Singer Bobby Brown's arrest for 'lewd law' violation in Columbus highlighted in new movie

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The city of Columbus was in the spotlight of national television during the premiere of "The Bobby Brown Story." airing on BET Tuesday night.

The movie follows the life of singer and entertainer, Bobby Brown, but, the entertainer's highlighted stop in the Valley is bringing attention to a local ordinance.

The Columbus "Lewd Law" was adopted in March of 1987 and passed by Columbus City Council following Beastie Boys concert. This particular concert reportedly leaving some parents upset and offended.

Brown, just one of the many entertainers taken into custody and fined for getting inappropriate on stage.

"I remember when he came, I didn't go to the concert, but I remember when he came and was arrested," said Columbus native, Pamela Pollard.

"It was a new era in hip-hop, and they weren't ready for Bobby Brown, they weren't ready," concert attendee, Kerry Thomas.

Ordinance No. 87-32 prohibits performers at an event attended by people under the age of 18 to show nudity or sexual pictures or models, or to use ″four-letter sexual words.″

This includes simulating sexual acts, which Brown was accused of during his visit to the city in 1989.

According to authorities, and an AP article, Brown was arrested during a performance for violating Columbus' anti-lewdness ordinance, paid a $652 fine at the county jail, and was released to finish his show.

These days, the local ordination is still in effect, according to officials. A violation could land an offender with anything from a varying fine, and even a possible stay in jail.

30 years later, people in the Valley are still vocal in this particular law.

"I respect it because the young generation shouldn't see certain things. They shouldn't be exposed to certain things. I know we have social media now, but still shouldn't be able to go to the concert and see that kind of stuff," said Thomas.

"Lewd then is not what it is now, and when he was arrested, I wasn't surprised," said Jordan.

Brown hasn't been the only celebrity cited for violation of this code in the city.

Gene Simmons, a bass player for the rock group Kiss, was also arrested for pulling his pants down and rapper LL Cool J, was also arrested.

According to a former officer, the latter was even asked not to return.

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