Woman awakened by coyote in bedroom

Woman awakened by coyote in bedroom

BIXBY, OK (KOKI/CNN) – A woman in Oklahoma was shocked when she faced a four-legged intruder in her home.

Bonnie Moriarty was startled awake by a loud noise she thought was her dog and cat scuffling.

"It's around 4 – I want to say 4, 4:15 – all of a sudden we hear what sounded like a cat fight, almost," she said.

She was right about the cat.

"I woke up and the cat and the coyote came running into my room. It was still dark," she said.

Moriarty grabbed a nearby golf club for protection.

"Well, my husband was out of town, and so my poor kids are upstairs, and I'm screaming," she said.

At one point, she said her miniature schnauzer came running in, barking up a storm, but the coyote just timidly crouched in the corner.

"And that's when I realized, 'Holy crud, I've got a coyote stuck in my bedroom,'" Moriarty said.

By that time, she said her kids were wide awake, and so she called the Bixby Police Department.

"Well, we shut the bedroom door and they came with – I'm sure there's a term for it – but a long stick with a little loop," Moriarty said. "So, I had three policemen in my bedroom trying to get the coyote out."

Using the catcher poles, two of the officers were able to get the loops around the coyote's neck and carefully pull it outside and release it safely into the woods.

Moriarty believes the coyote may have gotten through her back door after it saw her cat.

"He somehow just lunged at the door and the door opened," she said.

No one was injured in the encounter.

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