University and city officials warn of Auburn-LSU ticket scams

Updated: Sep. 13, 2018 at 6:29 PM EDT
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AUBURN, AL (WTVM) -   We are just a few days away from one of the biggest days of the year in Auburn.

Many are purchasing tickets for a  highly contested football matchup against the Tigers from LSU.

On Thursday, thousands of people already arriving in Auburn, and with many wanting to go to the games, comes a warning from officials so you don't spend big time cash and end up empty-handed.

Stephen Naughton works at the ticketing office at Auburn University. He said the upcoming game weekend will bring a crowd from all over the country, but what his office is taking on is a battle with counterfeit tickets.

"Very much buyer beware," said Naughton. "You could have the nice good looking ticket that came from the Auburn ticket office and part of your season ticket, but that may be a bad ticket. You've just got to beware."

Officials recommend purchasing tickets through university verified entities to ensure you get inside Jordan Hare Stadium. "Stubhub" and "Reply Buy" are trusted and partnered with the university for ticket sales.

The city of Auburn also requires scalpers to purchase a business license with a number on it, so if you do purchase from a scalper, make sure to jot their number down in case there's a ticket issue.

Officials said when you buy a ticket from the office or an outside vendor, it's not a good idea to post it on social media or you might have the barcode stolen and not be able to get in the game.

You should keep an eye out for tickets that feel like they are printed on low-quality paper or have a questionable looking barcode. Police said if you're on the opposite end as the seller takes a look at the cash coming in.

"If you're selling a ticket, look at the money. If it doesn't look right and feel right, don't make the transaction," said Auburn Police Lt. Jamey Presley.

Ticket officials said between now and game time, you can always stop by their office in the Auburn arena to make sure your ticket will get you into the game.

The game is not sold out yet, however officials are projecting that to happen along with urging caution for those who are looking to buy.

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