Silver Star Recipient Remembers Fellow Soldiers

Wounded in four places, he still wouldn't stop.

Staff Sergeant Shannon Kay protected his platoon, until the six soldiers hurt in the attack could be brought to safety.

And today he was honored at Fort Benning.

Staff Sergeant Kay received the Silver Star for gallantry in battle.
Without him, seven soldiers might not be here today.

Meet a real American hero. Staff Sergeant Shannon Kay and his recon platoon faced down a suicide bomber and lived to tell about it. Even though he was wounded and bleeding, and six others were hurt, the Army says Sergeant Kay didn't stop fighting.

"You just know things need to be done and you don't really think about it. I mean you do but you don't. It's just a natural reaction that I think any person in uniform has." said SSG Kay

So on this clear day, Sergeant Kay was pinned with the Silver Star. But he couldn't help but think of those who are still fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Pride does not begin to sum up how Staff Sergeant Kay's family feels about him and this award but for him they're still soldiers over there doing what he did every day.

"Knowing there's a lot of guys that have done more and will continue to be guys that do more. In fact, there's guys doing more right now." said SSG Kay

Sergeant Kay has been back in country for almost a year. He passes on his experience in Mosul, Iraq to the younger soldiers...the one's who will go to the Middle East in the not so distant future.

"He's who I'd want leading me and I'd want him covering my back I combat." said Capt. Dan Kearney, who served in the same battalion as Kay.

But Sergeant Kay takes this all in stride. Even though he still has shrapnel in his shoulder and hand from the attack. And he'll keep doing his job just like he did for his platoon in Iraq.

The Silver Star is the third highest honor given to a combat soldier.