Possible Hate Crime Investigated at Auburn University

Just days after the Virginia Tech massacre, police are investigating a possible hate crime at Auburn University. Police say a South Korean student has been attacked.

Auburn police say it happened four days after the shootings, but the victim didn't immediately report the crime. The f-b-i has been called to join in this investigation. Because, police are concerned the student may have been attacked as a result of last weeks massacre.

Investigators say a South Korean student reported to them, that he was taken to the hospital with minor injuries after being attacked by four white males outside a dorm on Roosevelt Drive.

"He told us when he asked these guys why they were assaulting him and they told him because he was Korean," said Captain Jerry Holder.

Most students are shocked.

"I don't think this is the norm at campus, in fact it catches me off guard cause the great thing about Auburn is it's the loveliest village on the plains and that's what college is about, diversity and embracing different people," said Rachel Bowman.

But at least one student says she's not surprised.

"I know a lot of people were talking about what happened at Virginia Tech and they think it's wrong and they were saying bad things about people from other cultures," said Meghan Kelly.

Rui Zhang is Chinese. He says he hasn't felt any anger towards him because he's Asian as was the Virginia Tech gunman.

"I think it's been different to me or other students from South Korea, because at this University and this city people are very friendly towards people," Zhang said.

Meanwhile police say they have no witnesses and no descriptions of the attackers, expect that they were white men.

"If this guy was assaulted just cause he was an Asian male then obviously that is wrong and we want all of our students to feel safe in their environment, this guy being a Korean male is no more responsible for what happened at Virginia Tech that you or I are," said Captain Holder.

Police do not know if the men were students. They are hoping someone will come forward with the information they need to make some arrests.

Police say no other Asian students have reported having any problems on campus, since the shooting.