Hometown Spirit: Russell County High School: Bouncing Back From The Storm

The hallways are a little different at Russell County High School this year.

After suffering severe damage from last year's April tornado, the school is bouncing back and vying to be better than ever.

"I thought when we came back to school it would be all messed up, but I've come back here and we've got new wings, we've got no ceilings that are molding anymore and it looks really amazing," says Betty Windsor.

"We had to start all over so now we really look like we have a brand new school. I think it's helping the overall picture because everyone was so down with all the damages, now everyone seems like they're ready to pull together and the hype is in the air. Football season is going," added Principal Delores McTier.

A new season that is bringing a new meaning to warrior spirit and a new face to the sidelines.

Coach Rico White is the latest addition to the football team.

He says he and his players have a new game plan as well.

"We stay discipline it will work out in our favor. Hopefully, we can get some of the games that people count us out hopefully we can get some of them and win," added White.

"I like him. He tests our limits and he's making us work real hard, so we're going to have a pretty good season," added Senior player, John Childree.

Now---the Russell County warriors are ready to take this new school year by storm.

After defeating the storm.

A storm they vowed not to let keep them down.

"We're ready to show the community what we're working with," added McTier.