Harris County Senior Football Players Get Fired Up for the Big Game

The seniors on the Harris County football team say the 2007 season is all about making the most of their last year together.

"I love the contact sport, I just love getting out there with my team and bringing all the hard work together for a Friday night," said senior Daniel Puckett, the team's middle linebacker.

And they're hoping it all comes together tomorrow night against the Hardaway Hawks.

"We lost last year by 6 or 7, and we are very determined this year to beat them," said senior slotback, Charles Purchase.

"We've got good senior leadership this year, and we're working really hard, so we're gonna come out strong and know what we're doing," Puckett added.

So what gets the Tigers ready to play? They say the music, both rock and rap, that the coaches play before each game.

"What fires me up is when we go in the weight room and coach plays that music that gets us pumped," said senior strong safety, Ryza Willis.

"It gets us very motivated out there on the field. We all go out there very pumped," Purchase said.

Others just try to stay focused on the game.

"I just gotta get mentally ready, think about all the plays. I can't get too excited, because I've still gotta keep my head about me," quarterback Chad Klar said.

But no matter how they prepare for the game, these seniors have one message for the Hardaway Hawks--they will be ready.

"You know, we're gonna come out fighting now. It's gonna be hard this year, we're ready," Willis said.