Lanett High School Shows Off School Spirit

Lanett has Chambers County's only city school system, and it's known for its award-winning ROTC program. The rivalry between Lanett and LaFayette is also steeped in tradition, and the game is one students and faculty look forward to each year. With Lanett's football team being undefeated this year, students are showing more spirit than ever.

"Now we've got a band that's doing good. The football team is doing good. We moved the junior high over here. It makes the school a little bigger, and there's a lot of things going on," said Stantavious Roberts, a freshman at Lanett High.

"I like everything. The pep rallies, the classes, the students, the activities that we do," said Shanaviya Dawson, captain of the LHS cheerleaders.

Even the teachers can tell something special is in the air.

"Especially during football season and basketball season. We have a lot of school spirit, and you can see it in the hallways. Especially on Fridays and pep rally days," said Donna Henderson.

But Lanett is more than sports. It's an up-close and personal experience.

"I think one of the advantages of Lanett High is that it's small. It's like a family. If you don't know a student's family, someone else on the staff does," said teacher Vickie Looser.

"I like the teachers because they're nice, and the coaches are responsive. They just listen to what we have to say," said Tyesha Ferrell, a senior at LHS.

But when it does come to sports, the athletes are more than stars on the field.

"Most of them are on advanced diploma. They're in college preparatory programs. Some of them have already made their scores where they can accept a scholarship from major universities," Looser said.

They'll put their brains and brawn on the field Friday in LaFayette. It's a day these students can't wait for.

"Yes, sir. September 28th against the Bulldogs," said Roberts.

We'll go back to LaFayette Wednesday and take a look at one of the town's most famous landmarks. We'll tell you the history of the Chambers County courthouse.