New Football Stadium For Chattachoochee Co. HS

This football season is the first time players and cheerleaders at Chattahoochee County High School can officially come home for home games.  In previous years, the 'home' games were held at other stadiums or they would play a series of 'away' games.

The football players and cheerleaders say this season will be unforgetable.  "It's very exciting because we never had it before and we kind of really didn't know what to do at first.  I think we can start our own traditions and it will be special," said Cheerleader Elizabeth Bates.

"It was mind blowing.  The stands were filled and you could tell people were supporting us.  We're starting off small, but were going to keep growing," said Cheerleader Jasmine Sims.

Just a few years ago they didn't have a place to call home.  "We use to go play in a stadium on Fort Benning.  It just felt like another game away," said Quartberback Caleb Horbath.

This stadium was something their school superintendent promised the senior class when the school opened.  "They had been looking forward to this for quite sometime.  As it became reality the excitement grew among the student body and community in general," said Principal Dr. Jimmy Martin.

However, these seniors will remember this season for the rest of their lives.  "The first thing I will remember is our first home game and the crowd screaming.  It was exciting," said Football Player Quin Jones.

Last year, was the first year Chattahoochee County had a varsity team and they did so well they went all the way to the state playoffs.  They are hoping to go even further this year.