Opelika High Collecting Tons Of Food For Homeless Dogs

One of the biggest rivalries in east Alabama is between Opelika and Auburn. Opelika High students use the showdown as motivation to raise food and supplies for homeless dogs.

Opelika High School students bring in stacks of dog food and supplies. "Pitch in for Pups" gives them a chance to help out Rescue K9-1-1.

"We take in those that have been abandoned, lost, those that just have no chance at all. We have over 100 in our care, and it's a full-time job," said Loraine Weaver, owner of Rescue K9-1-1.

The drive has become an annual tradition, and it's fueled by the Auburn-Opelika football game.

"It's the biggest game of the year for us, so we like to get spirit up and benefit the dogs because this is what it's all about," said Kelsie Smith, a junior at OHS.

The students not only raise food for these pups, but they visit the shelter in Camp Hill once a month to care for them. For some, it's hard to imagine this many are homeless.

"It's different when I can go to the store and not only get dog food that I would feed to my own dog every day. And to think that some people don't do that for their animals," said Brian Carter, an OHS senior.

A growing pile in the floor is just the beginning. By game day, Jerry Williamson's office will be completely full.

"Typically we collect 4,000 to 5,000 pounds of dry dog food for 'Pound the Tigers," said Williamson, horticulture teacher and FFA advisor.

"We usually see the other end where you're so in need, then someone comes and says, 'Can I help you a little bit,' and a little bit has turned into a lot. It has grown every year," said Weaver.

In the end, it's about saving the pups and beating the Tigers.

"Go Dawgs," said Smith.