Auburn High School Big On Academics, Athletics

Newsweek ranks Auburn one of its top high schools every year for its college-level programs. The Tigers are just as tough on the field as in the classroom, and they can't wait for this year's game against Opelika.

Sitting off Dean Road is Auburn High School. It's consistently ranked as one of the best in the nation thanks to its Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate programs.

"I personally have gone through the A.P. and have loved it. It's prepared me for so much," said Kristen Phillips, a senior at AHS.

"It's just a solid academic program. We have lots of kids, and we give probably 800 to 900 A.P. and I.B. tests in the spring each year," said Dr. Cathy Long, AHS principal.

While these students excel in the academic realm, they also love the on-field competition with their counterparts across the city line.

"I think it would be a rivalry with Opelika even if it was tiddlywinks," Long said.

The close proximity of the high schools certainly fuels the rivalry.

"A lot of the students know each other, and they want those bragging rights," said Anthony Jones.

"Even from the beginning of the season, there's always anticipation of the Auburn-Opelika game before any other," said Kiydra Harris.

However, the game is different this year. Opelika has Auburn as its homecoming match-up. That's something that doesn't sit well with the Tigers.

"That is a big slap in the face. We've always been very competitive towards each other. Just to know we're their homecoming this year really makes us feel downsized, but I still have faith in our guys," said Blane Tillery, an AHS senior.