The Man They Call "Trash Man"

Folks in Eufaula call Glenn Kasper, "The Trash Man," because on any given day you can see Kasper on the streets of Eufaula picking up trash.

One of his neighbors began to feel sorry for him.

"He was rocking in his chair, this was around 7:00 on Sunday morning. He had seen me before but never talked to me and he said I hope you don't get in trouble anymore, you're really doing a good job. I looked over and said, I'm not in trouble, I'm doing this as a volunteer and he almost flipped over in his rocking chair. He thought I was arrested and was doing community service, said Kasper."

It all started with a single piece of trash outside of his business and now Kasper is making it his personal mission to keep this small town of only 14,000 people clean.

The Shorter Mansion welcomes thousands of tourist each year and Kasper says he remembers one visit where the streets had so much liter on them, a photographer refuse to take a picture with the streets in the background.

"That's when I started to pick up liter off the ground. We want to make it an ongoing campaign we want to educate people and the school children not to litter and have our litter laws enforced against people who do litter," added Kasper.

And now what was one man's passion has become the community's mission, to sweep around their own front doors, and keep Eufuala beautiful.

"A lot of people have saw me doing it and also decided to help me. Our cry is to keep Eufaula beautiful. My own slogan is litter bugs me. So it's  a little play on words," added Kasper.