Barbeque-The Best Butts In Alabama

Driving along 431 South into Eufaula, there's a sign that reads, the best butts in Alabama.

Barbecue butts that, we followed our noses and landed at Phil's Barbecue.

When we arrived in the middle of the lunch hour we found customers dining out and digging in.

Some guys even took a break from protecting the streets.

"The people are friendly. The food's great and they have it on the table usually before we sit down most of the time because we're in a hurry. I eat here about three or four times a week the food has always been delicious," says Chief Deputy Sheriff, Eddie Ingram.

"Delicious bbq, nice friends, good atmosphere, good folks and small town atmosphere," added Mike Dixon.

Loyd Price has been eating at Phil's Barbecue since he was a young boy, and now he's a senior in high school, but's a school he skipping?

"Every time you drive by this place, you can smell the food for miles. It's good and it's everybody's favorite place to eat and hang out," added Price.

The place is owned by the duo, Dennis and Ellen Durrance, they took over the family business in 1994.

They say it's all about the customers.

"We take care of our customers and we want them to come back. We love them. We use the best quality meats available to us. We do it consistently all the time and we're here all the time," added Durrance.

But, when it was time to leave, we couldn't find our photographer.

We found him with his face stuffed in a big plate of Barbecue ribs.

"You can pick your favorite restaurants, but this one will be among them when you're done eating here. I promise you," added Durrance.

"Everytime my mom says where you want to eat I say let's go to phils," added Price.