The Rylander Theatre

In the heart of Americus, Georgia, the Rylander Theatre stands tall.

"The theatre was restored in 1998. We opened with a birthday party celebration for Jimmy Carter. It's a show place today just as beautiful as it was then," says Sue Riley.

The theatre was boarded shut in 1951 and the stage remained empty for 50 years.

It was a 4.8-million dollar face lift that allowed the theatre to take the spot light once again.

"It's restored exactly as it was in 1921. A lot of trouble was put in, from the exact paint color to the stenciling exactly the way it was in 1921," added Riley.

Something unique about the Rylander Theatre is this 1928 Moller Pipe Organ, made especially for the theatre in New York City, it's only the second of its kind in the state.

During the 1900's, there was a door African Americans had to use when coming to the theatre...

A place called the gallery, where blacks had to sit to watch shows, still exists.

And one area called the soda fountain, is where people came during intermission.

The view from the balcony says it all.

"The history, you just feel the history of the theatre when you walk-in," added Riley.