Pacelli High School Has Hometown Spirit

Fewer than 140 students attend Pacelli High School, in Columbus.  Students say that small size, along with their faith, is what brings them all together.

Pacelli's student body may be small, but it's big on hometown spirit. The seniors say spirit is a requirement here.

"Some schools, it seems like if you get into it you're going to get made fun of, but here if you don't get into it, you get made fun of," said David Miller, a Pacelli Senior, football player, and Student Government co-president.

"We have a strong bond here at Pacelli, all the students know each other, all the teachers communicate well with the students, and everybody just gets along," said Jacquise "Speedy" Terry, Pacelli's star running back.

But if you think that the good relationship between students and teachers means the teachers take it easy on the students, guess again.

"The teachers make sure you have enough homework to get you to get the subject, to understand it better," added Terry, who was elected Homecoming King this year.

"I annoy my teachers, probably, because I'm here all the time, but they have such a loving attitude towards me when I need help or anything," said Ginger Frander, a senior cheerleader who also serves as co-president of student government.

But one major aspect of Pacelli that sets it apart from the rest is the fact that it offers faith-based education. It's a Catholic school.  Students go to mass, and they say classes are rarely kicked off without a prayer. They say being able to bring their faith to school enriches their education.

"To be able to come together as a school and worship the Lord is a great feeling," Miller said.

"It's a very good thing to know that you can express your faith and feelings for Him at school," Terry added.

"When we go to mass, we're reminded every single time we go in there of why we're here and the reason of everything we do here is really about God," Frander said.

Faith, friendship, and spirit--just three reasons why these students say they're proud to be at Pacelli High School.