AL Lawmakers Trying to Regulate Tax Preparers

PHENIX CITY, Ala.  (WXTX) -- Right now, anyone can open a commercial tax business in Alabama without any training or licensing.  This week, state lawmakers are taking steps to keep that from happening.

A new piece of legislation in Alabama could require testing and licensing for commercial tax preparers.  State lawmakers say some tax preparers exploit low-income taxpayers with poor disclosures, exorbitant fees and fraudulent miscalculations.  "What we've found is in Alabama is a lot of these people are providing services that are inadequate and oftentimes take huge advantages of refund from people in poor communities," said Rep. Cam Ward.

Legislators say CPAs, Tax Attorneys and enrolled agents already have special testing and licensing they have to get every year.  Therefore, the new legislation want apply to them.

Ward tells Fox 54 the Alabama legislation could become law as early as March or April.