Sheriff deputy's car pinned cyclist

By Chauncy Glover - bio | e-mail 

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - On Tuesday, News Leader 9 captured video of a cyclist pinned against a building on Ninth Street and Veteran's Parkway by a sheriff deputy's car.

Amber Arnold witnessed the whole incident. She called 911.

"I was like -- police officers aren't supposed to have wrecks. I was really scared because I thought the guy was dead," said Amber Arnold.

"The police officer was behind another car at the light and I guess she thought it was green and she T-boned this car here and there was a man coming from this way on a bicycle. She hit him and penned him against this wall you see behind us," added Arnold.

After being trapped for several minutes, the seriously injured biker was pulled out safely by EMS officials and taken to the Columbus Medical Center.

The driver of the green Dodge Magnum was taken to the Medical Center as well.

Deputy Linda Warren, the driver of the sheriff's vehicle was treated too.

Officials did not say whether or not Deputy Warren had her sirens on.

Sheriff John Darr says the crash is still under investigation.

"Right now we just wait for the CPD to finish their investigation and give us final results and we'll go from there as far as SOP operates, says Darr.