Fauci: Variants are wild card for vaccines

Dr. Anthony Fauci says breakthrough COVID-19 infections happen because no vaccine is 100%.

  COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations rising among youth

  CDC: Youth sports causing COVID clusters

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says youth sports and other extracurricular activities are spreading COVID-19.

  COVID: 'Travesty' some nations cannot start vaccinations

The Director-General of the WHO says it's a "travesty" that frontline workers in some nations cannot be vaccinated yet.

  COVID-19 experts worry about COVID-19 surge

  North Carolina mother passes COVID-19 antibodies to baby through breast milk

A Jacksonville, N.C., mother passes COVID-19 antibodies to baby through breast milk.

  Norwegian Cruise line CEO: CDC has shut us down

Norwegian Cruise Line CEO says the cruise industry has suffered at the hands of the CDC.

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  COVID expert says US at start of 4th wave

  Concerns of 4th COVID surge grow amidst record travel

  CDC issues travel guidelines for vaccinated Americans

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issues much-anticipated travel guidelines for fully vaccinated Americans.

  COVID-19 variants driving spread in multiple states

  Millions of vaccine doses ruined

J&J says it had a glitch at a plant making COVID-19 vaccines.

  Paris residents express pandemic concerns

As COVID-19 cases continue to rise in France, Paris residents share their thoughts on the pandemic.

  COVID: WHO scientist details Wuhan investigation findings

  WHO report on COVID-19 origin finds animal path most likely

  CDC director feels 'impending doom' amid recent COVID spike

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention director gives a candid warning about the continued danger of COVID-19.

  UK lockdowns ease, will knife crimes grow?

As the UK eases lockdown rules, officials fear a spike in knife crime.

  White House to release "Build Back Better" plan this week

  A look at progress in COVID-19 vaccinations in US

  COVID cases, deaths drops among seniors

A new CNN analysis of COVID-19 figures shows the number of cases, deaths and hospitalizations are dropping fastest among those 65 and older.

  US breaks vaccination record, vax tested on kids

The United States is inching closer to the White House vaccination goal.