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Murder witness testifies defendant is not the shooter

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A Columbus murder trial took a huge turn Thursday as the key witness and surviving victim testified that the man accused of killing 23-year-old Dior Cheney was not the shooter.

Reginald Jackson is accused of firing more than a dozen shots into Cheney's gray Ford Focus on Oct. 29, 2013, killing him and hitting his passenger Travis Porter three times. 

Porter, who survived and is now serving time in the Muscogee County Jail for felony possession of a firearm and felony possession of marijuana, is originally from Columbus but was living in Macon, where the deceased victim was also residing.

"What was your purpose for coming to Columbus?" asked Don Kelly with the District Attorney's office. 

"We were coming to buy a pound of weed," said Porter.

The man who Porter and Cheney met to purchase the marijuana from ended up being someone Porter had robbed in the past, so Porter told the jury they didn't end up making a deal.

Porter and Cheney hung around the neighborhood that Porter says he grew up in near Winston Road and Benning Drive selling children's clothes out of the trunk, but when they decided to leave Porter says a man in a black hoodie started shooting into the Ford Focus.

"I was telling Dior.. go, go, go... but you know it all happened so fast. I was just trying to get out of the car because the shooter was on the passenger side," says Porter. 

Struck three times, Porter says he crawled into someone's yard and passed out. He was taken to the hospital by a friend who recognized him, where he says he underwent surgery for his gunshot wounds.

Kelly says while Porter was in the hospital he identified Reginald Jackson as the shooter to police, but Porter argued the Morphine and Percocet impaired his judgement.

"I know for a fact Reginald Jackson did not pull the trigger that night," Porter told the jury. 

Porter also admitted to using cocaine and marijuana.

A firearm expert testified Thursday that multiple casings to a .9 millimeter were retrieved from the Benning Drive crime scene.
A crime scene investigator with the Columbus Police Department says two .38 caliber revolvers were recovered from the crime scene. One was on the deceased victim, the other was in the grass near the crime scene, but detectives said neither one matched the murder weapon.

The trial will resume Friday, April 8 at 9 a.m. in Judge Arthur Smith's courtroom. 

Reginald Jackson was on our area's Most Wanted list in 2013. Police searched for him for nearly six months before he was arrested and extradited from California back to Columbus.

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